September 29, 2006

Availability is making yourself available to others in order to help them. Have you ever changed your schedule to help others? Perhaps, you have helped your brother or sister with his or her homework or changed your schedule to help your parents. What do you think about changing your schedule to help others?



September 29, 2006

1_tuscan_trees.jpg Yesterday we talked about leads and the different techniques you can use to help you write good leads. Try to use one technique to help you write a lead to a story that deals with this picture. (If you can’t tell what it is, it is a scary looking forest)


September 22, 2006

Today we talked about alertness in character building unit. Do you have a time when you where alert and it really helped? I will give you an example of alertness from my life. When I was 10 I was at Lake Michigan. I saw a kid jump off of the pier and he began to struggle. I decided to jump in a save him from drowning. Luckily me dad was alert too because he had to jump in and save us both because the tide was too strong. Have you ever helped anyone by being alert?


September 16, 2006

Yesterday in class we began our character unit. Throughout the school year we will meet as a whole group at least once a week in order to work on developing our character.

Someone once told me that many people are hired in this country on the basis of character alone. I figured with all of the time we spend on traditional subjects, a small portion of our time could also be devoted to character building.

Yesterday we started with a definition of character; we determined that character is essentially the ability to do what’s right.

Any thoughts on that definition? How do you see character impacting your life? If you’re a parent what do you see as essential to developing your child’s character? 

Why Not?

September 16, 2006

The harsh realization of the real world hit me this morning as I could not sleep past 8:30. Nonetheless, I was drinking coffee ( I guess that’s what grow-ups are supposed to do too) and realized that a blog might be a great medium for discussion, not only within my own classroom, but with others as well.

This blog will serve two purpouses. One, I aim to have my class contribute reguarly as a writing assignment in hopes that they will recognize the importance and value of free writing. Two (and most importantly), I would like to use my e-classroom as an avenue for discussion. I would love to log on one day and have several students and parents responding to one another. It is my belief that meaningful dialog creates the best learning environment.

So here I am…here is our e-classroom…why not respond?