Yesterday in class we began our character unit. Throughout the school year we will meet as a whole group at least once a week in order to work on developing our character.

Someone once told me that many people are hired in this country on the basis of character alone. I figured with all of the time we spend on traditional subjects, a small portion of our time could also be devoted to character building.

Yesterday we started with a definition of character; we determined that character is essentially the ability to do what’s right.

Any thoughts on that definition? How do you see character impacting your life? If you’re a parent what do you see as essential to developing your child’s character? 

25 Responses to Character

  1. jacob.l. says:

    charecter is #1 mon #1

  2. Ethan E says:

    When you do something good.

  3. jacob.l. says:

    do you think you have good character people?

  4. jacob.l. says:

    do you think you have good character everone

  5. Sammi E. says:


  6. Jessica G. says:

    Do yoy think you are nice to people?

  7. Jason S says:

    How can good charecter help you in life.

  8. Mac C says:

    Do you think you don’t have good carchter

  9. Austin D. says:

    What is charter? I think charter is when someone is acting like they were told. And they are very,very nice, and they are trustwerthy.

  10. Sierra H says:

    Do you think you know you have good values to others.

  11. Chris A says:

    I think character is how you help people. Also I think character is what is insife you like listening,and how much effort you give. What do you think character? Do you think you have good character?

  12. Jessica G. says:


  13. Shannon D. says:

    Do you know why we haven’t learned about character in the other classes if you say it is more important than grades? Good character can help your life because you can be trusted by others to do more things instead of having to go with your mom just to go to the grocurey shop every time for only 5 minutes!


  14. JTD says:

    Do you have good values if you do please respond thank you?

  15. Austin B. says:

    Mr.Fowler do you think that you have a good self image? I want to know.

  16. Jesse C. says:

    Good character is how you act and the way you don’t act.The way you play and the things you want have barely anything to do with good or bad character.

  17. TaylorE. says:

    That you do what you need to do like if there is no instuctions you read is goodcharcter. I see my self as a good charcter .Don’t let them get away with sert in things.

  18. Jessica G. says:

    How do you show good character?

  19. jacob.l. says:

    just outta curicoity sorry about the spelling and I say spartans have grrrrrrrrrrreat chararecter and great game!

  20. Kira T says:

    How does good and bad character impacting your life?

  21. tyler v says:

    Charter helps me in games such as board games and ball games such as four square it helps others with people becom good friends. Help others do good things. It helps me ride my dirt bike better.

  22. nikki v. says:

    do you think you have good character and if you are aparent do you think your kid has good character/

  23. Jesse C. says:

    Or Does It?

  24. Chris A says:

    I think I have good character. I like to help people. I like to listen so i only half to do stuff once.

  25. Mr. Fowler says:

    Hey guys!
    Wow, this was great! You posts really generate some good conversation. First off, to all of you who asked if I think I have good character, my answer is yes and no. I think that I would hard to have good character, but I have to remember that I am human so I can’t be perfect all of the time. I think someone up there asked me if I think that I have a good self-image. To you I would say yes. I am very happy with myself. I know and understand my personal strenghts and am a happy person (unless students are messing around!)
    I really liked how some of you folks talked about specific events that character can help with. Tyler and Shannon both made great points that things that you do in life can be made better by good character.
    Well… that is all for me, my cold is still bothering me so I am going to go rest. See you Monday! GO GREEN!!!

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