Why Not?

The harsh realization of the real world hit me this morning as I could not sleep past 8:30. Nonetheless, I was drinking coffee ( I guess that’s what grow-ups are supposed to do too) and realized that a blog might be a great medium for discussion, not only within my own classroom, but with others as well.

This blog will serve two purpouses. One, I aim to have my class contribute reguarly as a writing assignment in hopes that they will recognize the importance and value of free writing. Two (and most importantly), I would like to use my e-classroom as an avenue for discussion. I would love to log on one day and have several students and parents responding to one another. It is my belief that meaningful dialog creates the best learning environment.

So here I am…here is our e-classroom…why not respond?

14 Responses to Why Not?

  1. Amanda B. says:

    Character is you. The things you like, play, your wants, needs,….YOU!!!!

  2. Karleana T. says:

    good chareter is being a good friend having a good adittide and to me I have a good additted and a good friendship.

  3. AlexisJ says:

    what do you do to have good character.

  4. Mr. Everett says:

    Great site and great idea Mr. Fowler!

  5. Chris A says:

    do you have good character

  6. Kira T says:

    Hey Mr.Fowler
    you are one of the BEST teachers I ever had! You can turn peoples frowns upside down. You should atleast bring a small treat once a month. PLEASE!!! I think a bunch of kids in the class would like that. (P.S. Mighigan State STINKS!!!)

  7. Chris A says:

    i think i have good character becaus i help people and i listen and do what i’m told. I love to work with other people so that they can succeed in life and also so I can succeed in life. It is good to pay attention because it can help you do wel in life when it really counts like in college and the real world. Also it is good to help people and have a good reputation. Also it helps when you are trying to getj a job.


    Chris acton

  8. Mr. Fowler says:

    Chris and Kira,
    Thanks for posting in your spare time! Thanks a lot for the compliment Kira, although I have to disagree with the MSU stinks comment. Chris… great explenation of character. I liked how you tied it in with your job also. Later.

  9. BOB/Jessica says:

    Mr.Fowler this was a great idea to make a website like this

  10. BOB/Jessica says:

    i think good character is wen your nice to people and you arnt mean to people

  11. BOB/Jessica says:

    Mr .Fowler my mom said that this is a really kool website!


  12. BOB/Jessica says:

    Mr .Fowler my mom said that this is a really kool website!

    i didn’t do the LOL my mom did!

  13. karleana T. says:

    The poler bears might die becuse their habitat will be destored if it wasn’t cold where they lived and if there smart they might go away from that habitat.

  14. j says:


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