First Impressions

November 17, 2006

In Sign of the Beaver we read read about Matt’s first impression of Attean. Matt’s first impression wasn’t that great, but neither was Attean’s of Matt. However, we are slowly seeing Matt and Attean warm up to each other and become friends.

Have you ever had an incorrect first impression of someone and they turned out to be a great friend? How do you think waiting to see who someone really is will help you become a better person?


The Sign of The Beaver

November 3, 2006

Yesterday we started reading The Sign of The Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare. Afterwards we discussed your visualization skills and you drew a picture of what you think Matt’s cabin looks like. Do you think your picture will look like other people’s picture? Why would other people have different pictures even though we read the same book? How does visualization help you in comprehending the story? Wow this is a lot of questions! One more though… do you like the story so far (remember your evaluation… you should tell me WHY you like it or not!)


November 3, 2006

Well… since I am not the phys. ed. teacher, it is pretty clear that the flexibility I am talking about here does not involve stretching! Flexibility is the ability to change your schedule in order to help or accommodate others.

One example of flexibility from my life involves my student teaching. Last year in East Lansing I had a tough time remembering to do the lunch count and often forgot! One day, I completely forgot and the kids in my class were going to have to eat sandwiches for lunch (which they thought would be horrible… I like sandwiches, what’s the problem with them?). So, I decided to be flexible and buy pizza for the entire class. We ended up having a great mini-pizza party and the kids didn’t have to eat the horrible sandwiches.

Have you ever changed your schedule or helped someone even when you were busy? How did it make you feel? What did the other person say to you afterwards? Most importantly… do you like sandwiches?