Well… since I am not the phys. ed. teacher, it is pretty clear that the flexibility I am talking about here does not involve stretching! Flexibility is the ability to change your schedule in order to help or accommodate others.

One example of flexibility from my life involves my student teaching. Last year in East Lansing I had a tough time remembering to do the lunch count and often forgot! One day, I completely forgot and the kids in my class were going to have to eat sandwiches for lunch (which they thought would be horrible… I like sandwiches, what’s the problem with them?). So, I decided to be flexible and buy pizza for the entire class. We ended up having a great mini-pizza party and the kids didn’t have to eat the horrible sandwiches.

Have you ever changed your schedule or helped someone even when you were busy? How did it make you feel? What did the other person say to you afterwards? Most importantly… do you like sandwiches? 

41 Responses to Flexibility

  1. Austin D. says:

    (YAH) I love sandwiches.

  2. Jesse C. says:


  3. Amanda B. says:

    NO! Sandwhiches are not to good at all they’re horrible! [Unless the’re is Miracle Whip on it ! YUM!

  4. tyler v says:

    I thike fexibility is good so you can change plans with others to do something with someone else.

  5. Chris A says:

    sandwiches are good

  6. Tess L. says:

    Austin D. what are you saying!

  7. Alexis J says:

    yea I like sandwiches to. GO SANDWHICHES 🙂

  8. Austin W. says:

    Instead of P.B and J. I like peanut butter and bologna.

  9. Jessica G. says:


  10. Austin B. says:

    Now I get it Mr. Fowler , flexibilaty, my mom has done that to me so many times I dont know where to start!

  11. Shannon D. says:

    today my mom fell asleep on the couch on the after getting my sister and brother on the bus and then she woke up and had to get us ready really fast than as me and my brother headed down for the bus we heard a loud mooo!! then we ran up to see what was going on and the cows, Nelly and Molly, where out! Me and my brother had to be flexable to miss the bus and then be 10-20 minutes late for school to get the cows in to their area get the cows water sence they where out, and get Sundance, our pony, hay!

  12. Jason S says:

    I am never flexible.

  13. Sierra H says:

    I think flexibility is good because you can change plans even if you don’t want to its still great!

  14. Jesse C. says:


  15. Tess L. says:

    Who likes Sandwatches? (I Like chiken sandwatches!)

  16. Austin D. says:

    Once when i got asked to play with someone someone els asked me to so i played with the first person who asked me.

  17. karleana T. says:

    If flexibility is what you do to change what your doing then me and my aunt do that a lot to help our family.

  18. Amanda B. says:

    When I was 4 I had the flu I coldn’t eat so I had this tube stuck in me that transferd food to my body. Christmas came and I was too sick to open my presents so I had to postpone Christmas! I really didn’t care though…

  19. Kira T says:

    This week my family was talking about things we were going to do this month. My mom said that our Grandma and Aunt might have a Candle Party. Then a couple nights ago my mom said they won’t have one because my Grandpa has cancer. Then my mom said that my Grandma was going to spend time with him because he had cancer. So we had to be flexibil to my Grandma and Aunt to have a Candle Party later.

  20. tyler v says:

    amanda maricla whip is good on sandwitchs

  21. Tess L. says:

    Go Sandwatches! Go Sandwatches!

  22. Austin W. says:

    When my mom told me that I could go to my friends house a couple weeks ago I got so excited and when the day came she told that she had to work. Then I just said that’s OK I can go next week.

  23. TaylorE. says:

    Yes I like sandwhichs Mr.Fowler.This year for halloween after we got home we were suppost to watch ” Monster House”.But my brother’s messed up so we all had to go to bed.Then my mom made it where we couldn’t watch the movie.So last night we got to watch Monster House all though my step om fell a sleep through the entire movie.

  24. Tess L. says:

    Amanda do you mean Mirical Whip?

  25. Jessica G. says:

    I never change my scheduale unless it is something fun like going to a Michigan game or going to michigan advenchers.

  26. Chris A says:

    One time that I was flexible was actually last week. I had a Lacrosse game they told me the game was from 12:00-1:00. So we orderd tickets to the WMU game. Then the Lacrosse manager called back and said the Lacrosse game was from 1:00-2:00. I had to be in the press box at the WMU by 2:00. So I had to miss the second half of my Lacrosse game. In the end it worked out for the better me and my dad had agreat time in the press box. So that is one way I was flexable

    Chris .A.

  27. jacob.l says:

    who cares about sandwiches

  28. Tess L. says:

    Has anyone sean Monster House I have seen it!

  29. karleana T. says:

    WOW! shannon you had a rough time this moroning.

  30. Tess L. says:

    Had anyone sean Monster House?

  31. Chris A says:


  32. Louis B. says:

    I like peanutbutter and pickles on my sandwich.

  33. jacob.l says:

    this goes with the last blog of mine. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Shannon D. says:

    my family was flixibil when we where suppose to go to travece city but my friends birthday party was on that day so we stayed and when the next weekend!

  35. Mr. Fowler says:

    I care about sandwiches… I like peanut butter and honey!

  36. karleana T. says:

    yes I have Tess wasn’t it cool when the house chased the two boys and the girl.

  37. Kira T says:

    Shannon did this happen today.

  38. Jessica G. says:

    So do I Mr. Fowler I just don’t like the honey part.

  39. Tess L. says:

    Tommorrow I am going to my moms apartment to spend time with her. But then I whanted to go to my grandmas house but I changed my mind and I am going to go to my moms apartment tommorrow!

  40. Austin D. says:

    Once when my grandma wanted to have me come to Ann Arbor so my mom wanted me to spend time with her so it was time to make a disision every little voice in my head was telling me to go with my grandma no the other voices said so I went to bed and made a disision I’m staying with my mom SORRY GRANDMA!

  41. alexis J says:

    I know a grose sandwhich its a pb and onion sandwhich its off of little monsters thats the kind of sandwhich likes on little monsters. Grose ha. 😦 iwwwwwwwww!!!!!

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