Digital Storybooks

As we discussed yesterday, we are going to make our own digital story based on our Greenfield Village trip. One problem that I am having is that I am not sure you guys (my class) recognize the possibilities this type of story offers when compared to a regular story.

Personally, I think it’s amazing that you will be able to integrate (or put together) your pictures, words, and voice into a story about an awesome field trip. What do you think about this project? Can you think of any other projects that would be better with a digital storybook?

4 Responses to Digital Storybooks

  1. Mr. Fowler says:

    I personally thought it would be cool to have a digital classroom yearbook. For this project we would take pictures of everyone and each person would write a short script explaining their name, interest, and favorite memory of the year. Then, you guys could all take home a CD with your digital yearbook. What do you think?

  2. Tess L. says:

    I think IT AWSOME to take it home! I have a question can we show it to our familiy’s?

  3. Mr. Fowler says:

    Good question! Yes, you can take it to show your families. You’re going to love this project!!!

  4. Sammi E. says:

    I think digital storybooks are a great to have people express their feelings. Their are tons more topics to do other than Greenfield Village.

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