A Change of Pace…

Well, I usually use this space as a resource/teaching tool, but since we are in the middle of summer I think I would like to add another dimension to my E-Classroom. There is an article (click here) that I came across on Will Richardson’s blog that details how different age groups use the Internet.

This chart is very interesting. A couple of observations I have made:

– School age students are using the web to create, publish, and criticize

– School age students are using the web to connect with others

Obviously there is more, but the important thing here is that our classroom and school community embrace this change. I think it is awesome that our class can have a conversation with someone in Africa, Google the place where they live (and look at a satellite view of the house… creepy but cool), THEN blog about our impression of their culture…. THEN have them respond to our comments about their culture. How cool!

My question today is… how do parents see the Internet impacting their child’s education (good or bad)?  Kids, what do you think of the Internet; is it boring, interesting, or could you careless?

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