Vacation Podcast

Tomorrow I will embark on a 6 hour car ride (click here to see the route on Google Maps) to Wisconsin… cheese anyone? While there, I plan on recording a podcast. A podcast is an audio recording that can be downloaded to a portable operating device (like an MP3 player). If you were in my class last year you may remember that we did a science podcast based on different ecosystems and organisms.

I wanted to complete this podcast because I thought it would be cool to diary my experiences on the road, as well as pass the time in the car. I am thinking about interviews along the way and commmentaries from the road. This idea may be too grand, but we’ll see.

You may be asking yourself, “Why does Mr. Fowler think I care about podcasting?” Good question! I think you should care about podcasting because you will be involved in it next year. For the 2007-08 school year I would like to give students several opportunities to record and plan their own podcasts. I think the podcasts fit well into the curriculum because it gives students an opportunity to write a script that can pertain to any subject area as well as publish it for a large audience. Plus… it’s really cool to hear your voice on the computer.

Stay tuned for the video podcast!

2 Responses to Vacation Podcast

  1. Austin B. says:

    Hey Mr. Fowler! I seen your video, it’s pretty cool. I think your students would like it ( if they haven’t seen it yet). Kyle, Jesse, and I are hoping we can visit you and your new class. So how is the new school? Good I hope. I can already tell it’s better than the Central building, even though its getting ripped down. I hope you like your new students this year. Tyler is actually not getting in trouble! He has good grades, I bet he has already bloged earlier. But still I think its great that you are teaching a new class. Have fun!

  2. Mr. Fowler says:

    Hey B!
    Thanks for stopping by… glad you liked the video. I would love to have you guys come down and check out the new room. This building is nice, but Central had some good points too. I am glad to hear that everything is going well in middle school. Stop by anytime. Take care!

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