A Little Bit About Me

Hello. My name is Mitch Fowler. I am a fifth grade teacher in Michigan. I have started this blog in hopes of generating meanigful discussion between my students and parents. I hope you enjoy!



54 Responses to A Little Bit About Me

  1. Jesse C. says:

    When did you meet Sparty? That is so cool that you met him even though I am a Michigan fan.

  2. Austin W. says:

    Mr.Fowler I think your websites really cool.I think you and sparty are pretty good friends.

  3. TaylorE. says:

    You are funny but you probrably know that I don not like michigan state.

  4. Shannon D. says:

    Hi Mr.Fowler do you like your job? I think I don’t want to be a teacher. What did you want to do when you were little? I like your picture it is awsome. It is cool that you got this web site up.

    shannon diesch

  5. Jessica G. says:

    Hi!That picture is so funny with sparty and the paper sparty! Where you at a football game?If you were did they win?

  6. SpencerH says:

    Mr. fowler wasup how ya doin are you going to the game?

  7. Chris A says:

    The picture is pretty cool. Exept I personally hate MSU. I love miami florida GO HURRICANES. yeaaah.

  8. nikki v. says:

    is that you bother instate costom.it a baby in the mittal.

  9. tyler v says:

    mr, Fowler i like your picture its funny but you can barrly see the little guy in the middle. where are u at? I think it’s the riunnen. but any ways those spartin guys.
    tyler v

  10. Austin B. says:

    Hi Mr. Fowler why did you get a picture with sparty? I thought I told you I dont like
    michigan state.

  11. Ethan E says:

    Hi Mr.Fowler MSU is going to win.Go green go white.

  12. SpencerH says:

    Mr. fowler wasup how ya doin are you going to the game

  13. Austin D. says:

    Where are you at, What are you doing, Whats going on.

  14. Jesse C. says:

    Mr.Fowler you website is so cool. Do you think you will make more of them?

  15. Sammi E. says:

    I like State to but the only reason I like State is because I like Ohio State buckies.

  16. jacob.l. says:

    where R ya in the picture

  17. Karleana T. says:

    Hi Mr. Fowler Will I couldn’t tell you if this picture sucks or if it doesn’t suck so it doesn’t and I would like a good grade for saying it because if Michigan State does suck then i’ll fill really fill weird.

  18. Amanda B. says:

    Nice pic!

  19. Mr. Fowler says:

    Hey everyone!
    Thanks for responding to my picture. It is nice to know that you all care so much (yeah right!). In this picture I was at a tent party at MSU. The College of Education was hosting the party and Sparty was coming around to meet everyone. I asked him if we could get a picture and he said… well he didn’t say anything, but he shook his head. So we grabbed the paper Sparty and put it between us and snapped the picture.

    As for the Notre Dame game tonight, I am pretty nervous. I am not going (my friend did call me and wondered if I wanted to buy a ticket for $70, but I said no), but I am watching the game at my house with my family. We have defeated Notre Dame the last three years, but Brady Quinn is pretty tough. Hopefully we will win, if not you guys will have a lot of homework on Monday because I will still be furious (j/k).

    Have a good weekend!

  20. Mr. Everett says:

    What a game! 😦 At least Pennfield won!

  21. Mr. Fowler says:

    Very true, Mr. Everett. However, it was a typical MSU let down. I somtimes wonder if the Spartans and the Tigers get together and plan their mid-game breakdowns.

  22. SpencerH says:

    Mr. Fowler I am working on my reasearh sci. project but its really late, I guess i’ll just have to keep working hard. I’m looking for lots of “coral reef” stuf because J.T. has the book we’re sharing. I’m finding lots of good stuff.
    Spencer H

  23. Mr. Fowler says:

    Spencer… good to hear you are working hard. I am sure there is a lot of good stuff on the web for you to use. Remember to keep track of the websites you used. Happy researching!

  24. SpencerH says:

    Hey Mr. Fowler I forgot what Pargraph 2 and 3 in our science writing are about. Could u tell me please? WBS
    r a o
    i c o
    t k n

  25. JTD says:

    What a game it was friday #21 was a hard runner for hacket . but what a game Sara Lowe is hcomming quine. WE WONE!

  26. JTD says:

    state winning will be teamwork.

  27. JTD says:

    How did the varcity do on friday. Well see you later.

  28. JTD says:

    Well its off to our game now hope we win !!!

  29. JTD says:

    we lost again the score was 38=6

  30. kyle r says:

    hi mr fowler

  31. Alexis J says:

    Mr. Fowler you should put what happend recantly or something like that on your a little about me

  32. Karleigh M. says:

    Hi Mr. Fowler Rememver me???? Hi from all us weird kids from last year.

  33. Mr. Fowler says:

    Hey Karleigh,
    Thanks for dropping by. How could I really forget all of you weird kids from last year? I will continue to be haunted by the weird doings of your class 🙂 Keep checking back and feel free to participate in any of our discussions!

  34. Karleigh M. says:

    Oh yeah! I almost forgot to tell you that I won seventh grade class president. Connor won vice president too. Your welcome

  35. Katlyn L says:

    Hi Mr. Fowler,
    It’s Katlyn, you remember me from Mr. Foster’s sixth grade? I see Kar-Kar, I mean… PREZZIE has been here! ROCK ON, DUDE! Nice to see you didn’t blow up from all the Froot Lupiness. Talk 2 u later.


  36. Mr. Fowler says:

    Hey Karliegh and Katlyn,
    Nice to hear from you guys and yes I did survive you guys to teach another year (after much counseling though). I did hear that Karleigh won class president. You know politics today are in a scary state of affairs when we elect officials who show up to school dressed as a clown for no particular reason! Just kidding, I am sure Karleigh and Connor are doing a great job as officers. I hope seventh grade is going well for you all. If you want, you can e-mail me too at fowlerm@pennfield.net. Take care!

  37. kyle says:

    hey Mr.fowler its me I just want to know how you summer is

  38. Mr. Fowler says:

    Hey Kyle,
    Thanks for the note. My summer is going great, I am working for the technology department. I am moving and hooking up new computers (you know I love that stuff). Keep checking back and feel free to post a comment to any of the topics. Take care and have a great summer!
    Mr. Fowler

  39. Jessica G. says:

    Hey Mr.Fowler hows your summer goen so far?

  40. Mr. Fowler says:

    Hey Jess!
    Good to hear from you. My summer is going fast! I am working at the school moving around computers (go figure) and hooking them up. Luckily, I have been able to work a little bit in the new high school with really cool computers. How is your summer going? Are you staying busy? Would you like some summer homework? 🙂 Thanks again for the note and stop by when school starts.
    Mr. Fowler

  41. TONi says:

    i stilllllllll like MiCHIGAN WAYYYYYYYY MORE!!!!! 🙂

  42. mitch Efaw says:

    This is mitch from glencairn and i heard about your blog

    I heard about you teaching in battle creek and someone told me you had a blog .

    Wanted to say hi.



  43. Mr. Fowler says:

    Great to hear from you. I was actually thinking about you the other day. I moved into a new room at school and was putting up the picture that was in the Lansing Journal (from our March Madness Club) and noticed you were in it. How strange.

    How was middle school last year? What sports are you playing right now?

    Thanks again for saying “hey”. Take care!

    Mr. Fowler

  44. Wendy says:

    Mr. Fowler,

    Just wanted to let you know that you have a very cool blog. Love your enthusiam for learning and teaching our kids. Keep up the great work!!

  45. Ari says:

    cool you actually got to meet sparty! My dad’s a BIG stae fan I bet he would think that was cool too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. mrsletter says:

    Mr. Fowler-
    I started searching your blog through your link at macul space. This is amazing! I have started my own blog after seeing what you are doing. I offered to share with you, but from what I see you are doing amazing things! I’ll still send you some ideas, but wanted to say keep up the great work here.

  47. your father says:

    Your mother and I are so proud of you. Keep up the GREAT work mitchy
    love mom and dad

  48. Tom says:

    I think what your doing si great. It will give the kids the chance to express themselves. And for us parents to follow what they are doing in the classroom.

  49. cas3y says:

    Mr. F
    i stumbled onto your blog site when i was checking my grades, i am a high school senior and i think that this is awesome the teaching ideas you have are great i wish that my teachers would have been more involved with me when i was in middle school. this is great keep it up!!

  50. kyle says:

    Hey Mr.Fowler we have exams coming up and i’m so nervice. Your still my favorit teacher and my step mom is going to have another babie she is another girl i’m going to have three sisters it is going to stink.

    see ya Mr. Fowler. 🙂 🙂 😦

  51. Jessica G. says:

    hey mr.fowler whts up? nothin much here just LOTS of homework and exams…ugh…
    :(…im kinda passen my classes better then last year i gess…well i g2g to practice ….hope to see ya soon!

  52. Shannon D. says:

    Hey Mr.Fowler!
    Is it true your going to be our E. Civ teacher next year? That would be awesome if you were. Anyways I just wanted to say hI!

  53. Sammi Ely says:

    Hey Mr Fowler!
    I can’t wait to have you as my Eastern Civ. teacher.
    I hope to see you next fall.
    Middle school classes were sooo easy, but sometimes it’s kinda hard in math.
    Anyway I bid you fairwell
    Sammi ely

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